So tonight I’ll sing, a song to all my friends.
Also to those we won’t be seeing again.
To those I knew, & those I still adore;
& I want to see once more.

I just pray that you will love me,
& trust me.
Laugh with me,
& cry with me.
Spend those silent times with me.

Love me, evermore.
Love me, evermore.

You & I were lovers.
Our dreams were not soured by life,
& then my friends betrayal,
Meant you never would be,
My wife.

Harsh words were said, & lies were told instead.
I didn’t ever mean to make you cry.

But love can make,
Us weak,
& make us strong,
& before too very long,

I was totally in love with you,
I bathed in you.
Lost in you,
Captivated by you.
Amazed by you,
Dazed by you.

Nothing can go wrong.
Nothing can go wrong.